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The CITASCO consortium was originally created after the official invitation of the Curacao government and Refinery of Curacao leadership to visit the Refinery. The company was formed with the aim to help the governments in the Dutch Caribbean and the refinery workers with the continuation of the refining and oil terminal activities in the Dutch Caribbean Kingdom. The CITASCO owners and board members have owned and operated various refineries, oil terminals, and petroleum products trading desks. The CITASCO consortium was selected by IHS MARKIT (ARAWAK Project) as a preferred partner for the so-called short-term solution.

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Dutch heritage

The Bos family founded CITASCO. This Dutch family has a rich history in the oil and chemical industries, as wel as a passionate desire to excel.

The CITASCO logo

The liquid energy drop in the centre of our logo refers to our long track record and expertise in the energy industries. The blue, green shape surrounding the liquid energy drop represents the shell of a turtle. An animal that stands for longevity and perseverance, something that describes our business character and way of working. Additionally, the animal and the colours represent our roots and history in the Dutch Caribbean (Curaçao). At last, with the colours (green/blue) of the shield, we do not only want to indicate that we are aiming to take part in the global energy transition, but also take the consequences of our core business (the liquid energy drop) into account and that we operate in a responsible manner in order to limit our ecological footprint.

Based in Curacao

The CITASCO Group of companies are incorporated under the laws of Curaçao. Since the 10th October 2010 Curaçao is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

''At CITASCO our vision and values are interconnected with the idea of a so called ''Purpose Economy''. A system where maximum wealth growth is no longer sought but rather a society where wealth and well-being are congruent and thriving''


CITASCO's vision, as a committed family business, is to sustain, grow, and interconnect our global business network by maintaining our competitive character and partner-oriented approach, being part of the global energy transition, providing our expertise to our (new) business partners, and ensuring a variety of quality products and related services.


Through our expertise and extensive network of business partners, CITASCO aims to be a responsible and reliable supply partner and provide high-quality energy products and minerals to our international clients.

Our core values

Our values are our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help our organisation and group of people function together as a team and make the right decisions. Additionally, they provide us with a common purpose that everyone understands, works towards and lives by at CITASCO.